• Brand: Mattel Games
  • UPC: 887961915280
  • Item #: 2358978X
  • Available Date: 7/14/2022
  • Model Number: GTH23
Price: $7.69
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Uno, the popular card game that's been around since 1971, is making a major step towards sustainability. Today, Mattel has launched Uno: Nothin' But Paper, a new edition of the game that ditches cellophane wrapping and is 100% recyclable.

This is the first Uno deck to release without cellophane, and it's going to become the standard going forward. In 2021, all of Uno's paper decks will ship without cellophane, as part of Mattel's on-going efforts to go 100% recycled/recyclable by 2030.

This new edition is available from today. Its cards feature a beautiful new design, which you can see in the images below.

Mattel Games - UNO Sustainable