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Catherine: Full Body - Day One Edition for PlayStation 4
  • Theme: Playstation
  • Release Date: 9/3/2019
  • UPC: 730865220236
  • Item #: 2150464X
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Genre: Action / Adventure (Video Game)
  • Publisher: Sega Games
  • Rank: 1000000

Video Game 
Price: $56.75
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Catherine: Full Body - Day One Edition for PlayStation 4 on Video Game

Catherine: Full Body Launch Edition for PlayStation 4

The tantalizing tale of Catherine returns with dilemmas and puzzles in Catherine: Full Body. As the lines blur between nightmare and reality, freedom and commitment, what will become of Vincent Brooks? Your choices and the moral consequences that follow will determine his fate. Catherine: Full Body features a number of cutscenes, animated cinematics, and branching story paths.


  • Launch Edition includes a metal case.
  • The captivating tale of Catherine returns in Catherine: Full Body - bigger and better than before.
  • Improved visuals and gameplay, music, enhanced multiplayer options, and much more await in this enticing new package.
  • Explore branching story paths centering around the arrival of the mysterious amnesiac, Rin.
  • Dozens of cutscenes and animated cinematics have been added to delve even deeper into Vincent’s complicated present life, as well as his past.
  • Looking for a challenge? Catherine: Full Body contains over 500 puzzles, over twice that of the original game!

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